About Us



Originated in Taiwan, ARTIART, is a research and design company which integrates the two to create and manufacture High Quality & High Precision products. With comfortable philosophy as its theme, ARTIART believes in designing & creating elegant high quality lifestyle products.

Our Products encompass all aspects of elegance & quality that define Comfort & Utility.

Artiart’s Suction grip technology is one such revolution. Now you don’t have to worry about your drink spilling on your workstation or your phone or Laptop. Artiart’s Suction grip technology drink ware is specially designed to carry drinks with superior temperature retention and without worry & hassle of spillage occurrence. The suction grip holds the drink ware firmly on the flat surface, when pushed or hit accidently, but lifts up straight very easily.

Artiart is constantly engaged in researching and designing products of utility which can ease your life and yet are beautiful.

Artiart’s presence & acceptance of products in 65 countries is a proof of quality and functionality it delivers. Artiart’s designs have been recognised & awarded with one of the world’s most celebrated design award- IF DESIGN AWARD 2020, which itself is a symbol of design excellence around the world.



Custom Made Corporate Gifts:

ARTIART is an expression of Premium Quality & Precision that any organization can use as a medium to convey their conviction in their ideology of valuing efforts of their employees.

We also provide custom made Corporate Gifts through which employees can sustain organisations values & beliefs forever.

Joint Development for New Products:

ARTIART offers its vast resource of designs and utilities in Home, Kitchen, Office & Travel which can ease one’s life, for OEM, ODM & private label services. ARTIART provides services to all companies (offline or online) who have vast distribution network and strong customer base. We facilitate complete design and branding solution, be it for your merchandise store, your coffee chain, your retail stores or supermarkets

Joint Marketing for ARTIART Products:

For the company which is having strong customer traffic in the internet channel, Artiart can collaborate and tailor-made joint promotion and marketing program for our products in their channel by adding a flair of Quality in Comfort.